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The Secrets to Organic Container Gardening

I was recently visiting a friend of mine who has the perfect organic container garden in her tiny handkerchief sized back yard. The space is very small, but when you walk into it, it feels like an oasis from the city of Vancouver and is always a cool and welcome space. She has a passion for plants, and her eye for choosing just the right container for the space is what really makes this little garden work.

Containers are Key for Small Spaces

It may sound at odds to anyone who loves to garden, but I think that the key to making a small space work for you is to start with the right containers for each spot and then pick the plants that will grow well there. While it is true that with containers you can move them to new places, you will be more successful with your organic container gardening if you choose an area and think about what grows best in that particular sun, shade and wind. Add in a comfy chair and some of those great solar lights for ambient light at night, and your garden is set!

One trick to getting the most out of your organic container gardening area is to think big. Because plants are restricted in their growth, if you are planning on doing some organic container gardening, you can choose plants that in the open soil would be much bigger. If you do regular pruning you will find you can even grow trees in a container, with the right organic fertilizer and care.

Balconies Love Organic Container Gardening

Planning out an organic container gardening area on a balcony is a whole new set of conditions from when you plan it on the ground. You need to be aware of things like weight restrictions, watering schedules (hate to water the neighbors below while they enjoy their morning paper) and be mindful of wind problems. If your balcony faces the south or west it will be warmer than if it faces east or south. All of these factors need to be considered when planning a balcony garden. An earthbox like the kit here is a great way to get started because it is so easy to set up.

Since many buildings will not let you attach plants to walls, adding a trellis with a lightweight base can create privacy, make a bold statement and add a wonderful sense of being surrounded by the plants. Balconies lend themselves to large pots in corners, where you will seldom have people standing. One trick to help reduce the weight of soil in a larger pot is to add an insert that will lessen the amount of soil in the pot. Always remember that the weight of the soil when it is wet is what will determine how large a pot you can have on a balcony.

There are some many ways to have a wonderful organic container gardening space in a small place. Books are a great resource like the one I show here, that you can get on Amazon just by clicking on the picture. While I tend to always think organic, I believe having an organic container garden in even the smallest corner can make for a healthy and restful haven that so many of us need in our over-filled lives. Pick a spot, add some containers that you find beautiful and then pick out plants that thrive in that area. Your reward will be many cool quiet afternoons spent amongst your plants. What could be better!

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