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Flea Symptoms

If you have a pet that you sometimes keep outdoors or let outdoors for any length of time then the chances of that pet having fleas are good. On short haired animals you can usually see the fleas on the animal’s body, but in cases where you can’t, you can look for the symptoms your animal is having.

These Will Include

Excessive scratching

Your pet will tend to scratch more than what they normally would particularly on their tail or on their backs. Fleas move around quickly and it is hard for the animal to keep up with them when they are scratching.

Red blotches

If you move the hair on your pet you should be able to see some red blotches where the animal has been bitten. It might look similar to a rash on a person or it might just be several red bumps on the animal’s skin.

Whining while scratching

When fleas attack they can be brutal. As your pet is trying to scratch you might hear them whine more often than normal because a flea bite is painful.

Flea Symptoms on Humans

People can also show symptoms of flea bites after fleas have gotten on them. These will include:

Excessive scratching

Just like an animal a person will feel the itch and have to scratch. The itching can take place anywhere on your body including your head, legs, arms and stomach. Fleas might also bite in the folds of your skin particularly under your arms or behind the knees.

Small red spots

On people the bite will begin as a small red bite mark, but once it is scratched over and over, the small red spot will become a larger red spot. It will begin to look like a rash of some sort and will be painful.

Pain in the area of the bite

The bite can also be painful even before you begin to scratch at it as the bites are almost like those of a mosquito.

Once bitten it doesn’t take any time at all for the bump to appear and the itching to begin. The symptoms show up almost immediately after a bite and once you have begun to scratch it, then the rash will become larger with time.

There are lotions or creams that you can buy over the counter to relieve the symptoms of flea bites and you can buy powders and sprays to help relieve your pet’s symptoms from flea bites. Once they are administered you should find some type of relief.

All of these flea symptoms will occur after you or your pet have been bitten by fleas and the more your animal or you are outside the chances of getting flea bitten become greater. It is important that if you are bitten and you scratch to the point that blood is drawn or a larger rash occurs, that you visit your doctor to make sure you are not having skin infection.

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