Decoy against ants

To combat insect pests, there are many popular ways. One of the effective and safe is considered decoy against ants. With the help of this affordable product, you can easily and for a long time get rid of annoying insects in the beds.

The principle of action of cereals on ants

Semolina is an optimal tool for gardeners who do not welcome pesticides. Ants take cereals for food and begin to eat it with pleasure. But after the insect enters the body, the product swells and gradually begins to squeeze its internal organs. As a result, after some time, the ant dies.

Some insects try to stockpile and quickly carry grains to their home. When interacting with moist soil, semolina swells and blocks the entrances and exits to the anthill. All insects that remain inside their homes soon die from a lack of oxygen.

In addition, fungal spores that ants do not like appear on wet semolina. Insects try to quickly leave their damaged home and leave the site.

Using ant decoys

For the fight, it is recommended to choose a dry, windless day so that the grains do not fly apart or get wet ahead of time. Looking carefully, you need to find ant paths along which pests move. The paths around the anthill and the house itself are sprinkled with a mixture of semolina with icing sugar. For 300 g of cereal, 100 g of powder is enough.

The mixture is scattered with a layer of at least 1 cm. The more pests, the more cereals should be scattered. The procedure can be repeated several times with interruptions of 2-3 days, until all insects leave the garden plot or garden.

Icing sugar can be replaced with any jam, jam, honey or sugar. A sweet additive (sugar or powder) is mixed with cereals in a ratio of 1: 3. It is recommended to mix jam and honey with semolina in a ratio of 1: 10 so that large lumps do not form, which will be more difficult for an insect to cope with.

Sweet tooth ants gladly eat a treat and carry it to the anthill to feed the uterus.

When the uterus dies, the remaining insects cannot exist normally and hastily leave this area.

Pest control in this way is recommended in the spring, when they wake up from hibernation and begin to seek food, harming plants.

To prevent the birds from eating the sweet mixture, the cereal can be slightly covered with foliage, branches or soil.

Groats can be scattered anywhere around trees, shrubs, flowers, on vegetable beds. The product does not harm plants, soil or humans. This method is also used to control pests in greenhouses. It’s important not to save the croup so that the ants cannot get around the bait.

An effective remedy can be a mixture of semolina with baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate oxidizes the internal organs of the insect, under the influence of this tool they decompose faster, and ants are more likely to die. Soda powder is mixed with cereal in equal parts, a little sugar powder is added to the mixture.

The method is effective, with the treated area the ants disappear within a week. But they can go far away, so periodically it is necessary to carefully inspect all corners in order to detect the pest in time.

To prevent insects from returning, the site should be maintained in order to get rid of weeds and debris on time. You can not eat on the site: the crumbs and leftovers of food will attract ants. The faster the pest removal procedure is started, the faster you can get rid of them. Semolina can also be used for preventive purposes, scattering it around the entire perimeter of the garden plot.

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