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Best Flea Fogger Reviews

A flea fogger is something used to help eliminate a flea infestation in the home. There are a variety of products available for purchase through home improvement stores or pet stores. When using a flea fogger ā€“ also known as a flea bomb or flea bomb fogger ā€“ since they will emit toxic chemicals when set off, it is important to remove yourself from the premises as well as any pets or children you may have. It is also important to read and follow the directions on the product you choose to use. Sometimes using a home flea fogger is all you need to effectively and permanently kill the fleas in your home. That said, for best results, preventative measure should also be undertaken; more on that below.

Foggers are relatively inexpensive. Amongst the best flea fogger options is the Bob Martin Flea Fogger range, and in particular the Bob Martin Home Flea Fogger Plus, the latter which is made with a triple action formula that treats, kills and prevents further infestations for months to come. It will kill fleas, eggs and larvae for up to 3 months and stop eggs from developing for 7 months. When choosing a good fogger, it is important to find one with Nylar. Nylar is an insect growth regulator that will help inhibit the future hatching of new fleas.

Fleas are a resilient and a hard to get rid of insect. They actually have a four stage life cycle and that can make it even harder to rid your home of an infestation. They are a small, black bug with a hard shell when they are in their adult stage. This is the stage when they are most visible and when they do their bloodsucking best to be a real irritation to humans and animals alike. The hard part is keeping them gone once you have treated. Prior to this stage of their life cycle, they can survive in a cocoon for over a year without feeding. This cocoon is made of a resilient shell that protects the flea pupal stage until it is ready to hatch out as a juvenile flea, feed on you or your pet and, once it has reached its adult stage, start laying eggs to being the cycle again.

As mentioned above, one vital thing to remember when using flea foggers is that they releases a strong insecticide to kill the fleas. This contains toxic chemicals which can also harm humans. Using a product without this chemical component is not nearly as effective on its own. If you choose to go natural, you can vacuum, shampoo, clean all fabrics thoroughly and watch your pets for any visible fleas. This does not guarantee actually getting rid of your flea infestation, but it can help with flea control.

The best way to actually get rid of the fleas is to get a good flea bomb. You can hire an exterminator or do it yourself. Either way, a strict procedure needs to be followed to ensure it is effective, including determining first the coverage required and how many flea bombs to use, removal of animals, food and humans from the area to be treated and cleaning afterwards.

If you do flea bomb your home and then later find that it was not effective, repeating the process will be necessary, but you will want to regulate how often you do this according to the advice given by the manufacturer. Being preventative is a good initial step in making sure you do not have the fleas in your house in the first place. Treat your outdoor pets with flea and tick medicine and make sure to vacuum regularly. In particular, you will want to consider the use of a topical flea spray, flea shampoo and long term use of a flea collar where appropriate.

Watch for any biting or scratching your pet does to themselves. This can be a sure sign of a flea infestation. To know definitely whether fleas are present on your animal, run a fine toothed comb through their fur and look for the fleas themselves but especially their small black droppings which will turn a redish color when placed on a wet cloth or tissue.

Not only are fleas a real nuisance to have in your house; they are dangerous for your pets. Fleas can carry disease and pass them on to your pets or the humans in the house. In particular, some animals are allergic to flea saliva; flea allergy dermatitis can result in extreme itchiness, infections caused by scratching and hair loss. It is important to keep your children, your pets, and yourself safe from these blood-sucking insects. Flea fogger reviews indicate that a comprehensive solution to getting rid of fleas will include the use of preventative methods such as flea collars, as well as the topical treatments for your pet mentioned above.

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