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Best Flea Bomb Reviews

If your pets have brought fleas into your home, you may have no choice but to flea bomb your house. Experts say that nothing less will cure an infestation. Flea bombs are cans of compressed insecticide that you place in the center of each of your rooms and that disperse poison into every crevice of the rooms. The good news is that they tend to kill fleas in most of their life cycle stages, and they kill most other insects that are living in your house. However, on the downside, they contain nerve poisons such as propoxur, carbaryl, and diazinon, and can be dangerous for you, your family, and your pets if not properly used.

Pets cause almost all flea infestations. Fleas lay their eggs on your pet, and then the eggs fall off into your house, in floor crevices, under and on rugs, on furniture, and in the places where your pet rests. The eggs hatch into larva, which are like maggots. About two weeks later, the larva changes into a cocoon or pupa. Fleas are known for being quick, and for reproducing very quickly, and they are ready and willing to bite and suck blood from humans as well as animals.

When you finally face the fact that you are going to have use a flea bomb, you will want to make sure the one you choose is going to work. Fleas have four stages in their life cycles, and you will want to kill as much of them as possible at each of the stages. Bombs commonly contain an insecticide to kill adult fleas as well as chemicals to make life difficult for any fleas that remain. Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) is a key ingredient to look for, as it inhibits the growth off any remaining eggs and larva. Flea bomb reviews pick out the Bob Martin Flea Bomb, the Zodiac Indoor Flea Fogger, Adams Plus, and Zema IGR Fogger as some of the best brands, or you might consider a professional level product such as Precor Plus Fogger.

Before you bomb your house, you will want to vacuum thoroughly and also give your pets a flea bath and treat them with flea repellent so they don’t immediately bring fleas back into your house. Be sure to take precautions to protect the health of your family and yourself. Carefully read the instructions on the can of the fogger, and observe the warnings. One fogger per room is generally required. Close all windows. You may have to extinguish pilot lights too; be sure to read the label to find out. Clear off all counters; put away your coffee makers and other appliances. Put away all food.

Set off the foggers, following instructions, and leave the house for at least three or four hours. When you come back, open the windows right away. Use newspaper to collect the used foggers and put them in a secure trash can. You will need to wash down all surfaces, such as counters. You will also need to vacuum again as directed.

Using flea bombs for homes is not, by itself, enough to break the infestation cycle. You will then need to vacuum for at least three weeks after bombing in order to make sure you have all the pupa destroyed. The vibration shakes the pupa into hatching and then sucks it up. You may want to use a flea powder that gets shaken into the carpet and then vacuumed up.

You have many choices for where to buy flea bombs, as fleas are a universal problem. A wide range of flea related products are available on the internet, or at your local hardware, one-stop shopping center, or building supply store, as well as in grocery stores, pet stores, and veterinary offices. Even though the process of getting rid of fleas in the home is not anyone’s idea of a good time, when a flea bomb is utilised, nothing else will do the trick.

In terms of picking out the best flea bomb for the job, ensuring coverage is sufficient and that IRG is included are important elements, but really the key is following the instructions correctly and combining flea bombing with something to eliminate fleas from your pets too. Measures here include the use of flea shampoo, flea spray and prevention through the use of a flea collar.

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